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Since that time he has answered almost 6, questions related to vintage ukuleles. Over many years, Chuck assembled his own world-class collection of vintage Hawaiian and Mainland ukes, including some amazing one-of-a-kind pieces. Search the Uke Yak. They are in mint conditions with no cracks 26″ long, 9″ lower bout. What might they be worth. Also have a Gretch baritone uke 30″ long circa

how to date a martin uke

Email : theukuleleman. Always let me know if you are looking for an instrument that I do not currently have listed for sale. I will always do my best to find you a really good example. If you have a nice instrument that you are thinking of selling and you would like to sell it on my website, please telephone me on.

I am always looking to sell good quality Banjo Ukes and Ukuleles as well as any other nice instruments.

The Style 51 was not a serialized instrument, and as such is difficult to date A perfect addition to any collection, the Baritone Uke is very easy for guitarists to.

O ne hundred years ago, in , C. In alone, Martin sold nearly 2, ukuleles, which was roughly the same number of guitars and mandolins it had sold in the previous ten years combined. This year, Martin is celebrating its th anniversary of publicly offering ukuleles, with a beautiful new display in its museum in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, as well as with two new Centennial ukulele models. Courtesy of C. Martin Archives. By , when guitar maker Christian Frederick Martin and his family left Germany to start a new life in America, a number of tourists to the Portuguese island of Madeira had already returned home and spread reports of a small four-string guitar that was the characteristic instrument of the island.

Nobody could have guessed at the time that Frank Henry and the ukulele would have a long and important relationship many years later. In the late s and early s, the popularity of the ukulele in Hawaii was undeniable. It became an icon of the islands, despite its Portuguese roots. Beginning in the s, a series of events led to the popularization of Hawaiian music on the mainland.

Dating Martin ukes

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Ukuleles do not have serial numbers. Mandolins use a different serial number system than guitars. Martin guitar serial numbers start at in because.

The sound of these instruments is distinctively different than any other. And educating myself on identifying the different styles and how to determine the time frame during which it was made. The archives of the C. Martin Company were used by the authors to create this volume. This book has the history of the instrument within the Martin Company as well as pages of information about the differences between the Styles and the years certain changes were made.

I have seen many listings on eBay and Reverb where the seller has mis-identified the instrument they have for sale, usually it is an error determining between the Style 0 and the Style 1. Considering that the vast majority of the Martins were one of these two Styles, differentiating is important. Knowing the difference can allow you to find a good deal at a reasonable price. It is relatively simple to determine the Style.

❌SOLD❌ 1950s C. F. Martin Style 1 Tenor Ukulele

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Dating Martin Ukuleles. Again, there you can go into minute, recondite information in this area, but their are two easy to spot features that will help you work out.

In this interview, vintage ukulele collector Andy Roth explains the different styles of the instrument produced by the C. Martin Company, Gibson, and early Hawaiian makers. The C. Martin Co. It has koa top, sides, and back, a mahogany neck, an ebony extended fretboard, and pearl inlay. One night I was playing the piano, and I looked over my shoulder and noticed that everybody else was sitting around in a circle on the floor. I wanted to be more a part of the social aspect of the jams, but it seemed like there were enough guitar players down there already.

It struck me, though, that no one was playing ukulele. That sort of sparked my interest. However, the only ukuleles I could find in Hawaii were touristy souvenirs. There was one good music store in Hawaii at the time, and its yearly quota of good ukuleles was probably 13 Kamaka ukuleles made on Oahu. And most of those sold out before you could get one. When my summer vacation was over in Hawaii, I went back to L.

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How did one company founded by a German immigrant become an American icon and the world’s preeminent maker of acoustic guitars? While rivals have come and gone over the decades, the company founded by German immigrant Christian Friedrich later Anglicised to Frederick Martin in has endured — adapting to new circumstances along the way to ensure that Martin guitars remain a constant presence on stages all over the world.

Despite this, Martin has remained true to what it is — never seriously chasing the electric market or deviating from the aim of building the ultimate acoustic guitar. The virtues of a good Martin remain the same now as they have for years. And that matters.

the most obvious Martin dating clues A late Martin (so style 3 mahogany, not koa which would be Soprano Ukulele.

Remember Me? What’s New? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Dating Martin Ukuleles. Dating Martin Ukuleles A customer brought an old vintage Martin into our shop today to value it and possibly sell it. From what I can tell, I believe it’s from the ‘s but figured I would check with the rest of you first.

The Martin Ukulele: The Little Instrument That Helped Create a Guitar Giant

Bigger is always better, right? To some degree my expectations are in line with reality, but I was surprised when I picked up a Little Martin for the first time. Best of all, if they decide not to follow through on this new hobby, you can just take the guitar for yourself! Many guitarists use the Little Martin for travel. It fits well in the overhead bins of airplanes and the gig bag that comes with the guitar is incredibly sturdy.

Finally, as artists like Ed Sheeran have exemplified, the Little Martin can act as a primary guitar in some cases.

Since , Martin did make guitars, mandolins and ukes for other brands and guitar studios. This particular model has nice Brazilian rosewood. Any less, and.

We’re sorry. This item is no longer in stock. What makes this guitar special: A super cool piece, with a terrific sound and outstanding playability. The Style 51 was not a serialized instrument, and as such is difficult to date exactly. Based on the specs in particular, the tortoise binding and location of the C. Martin stamp we believe manufacture to be somewhere between and A perfect addition to any collection, the Baritone Uke is very easy for guitarists to adapt to, thanks to its familiar tuning DGBE and elongated scale length.

This piece has been professionally inspected and setup by our expert in-house luthier. It will arrive ready to play out of the case. Cosmetic condition: Great overall shape, with some honest wear throughout.


Value for Money. Martin ukuleles are some of the most sought after ukuleles around. There are many avid collectors of Martin ukuleles around and people who refuse to play anything but Martins. Generally speaking, the higher the number, the higher the price. More knowledgeable sellers will indicate which style the Martin is.

A customer brought an old vintage Martin into our shop today to value it and possibly sell it. From what I can tell, I believe it’s from the ‘s but.

User Name Remember Me? Martin uke? Saw a gal playing a uke on TV today, and the headstock looked square like a Martin. Did Martin ever make ukuleles? They sure did, and I think still do. I’ve played one, very nice of course! Originally Posted by jaybones. The vintage Martins are very, very nice. Originally Posted by tbeltrans. Originally Posted by Br1ck. Originally Posted by syrynx.

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Question: I have two Martin tenor ukes, circa s that belonged to my could be considered one element to look at when dating Martin ukes.

It features amazing sound, stunning look, as well as feels great to play. The best option for beginners would arguably be the Kala KA-B as it comes at a great price and can be purchased as a bundle. This 4-string baritone ukulele falls under best value for money category. It has a lovely tone with a beautiful resonant sound and also comes at a very affordable price.

Out of all four main types of ukulele , baritones are the biggest of the lot , and the deepest in terms of tone. For that reason, they are great options for anyone looking for something more specialist. Some are a little larger or a little smaller, and of course there are slight variations in the shape, too, but generally, they will be around this mark.